A selection of images taken on my travels.

Starting with the Iban of Borneo, Once a feared head hunter tribe, the Iban live communally in traditional “Longhouses” in the diminishing jungles of Borneo which are accessed by longboats.

The Iban tattoo’s are said to hold magical powers and are earned and applied in order, the first being the shoulder piece of a tadpole in an aubergine flower which is gained after a young warriors first successful venture to and from the village, the last being the neck piece to protect the wearer from losing his head to a rival tribesman.

As warriors they fought alongside allied troops against the Japanese invaders fighting against the heavily armed troops with traditional weapons spear, machete and blowpipe.

The Iban continue to live by traditional means although the practice of headhunting thankfully had stopped by the time I came to stay with them!

Following the Iban are a few images taken whilst on location in the Andes Mountains in Chile for SAS Who Dares Wins.

And finally an ongoing personal project taken a little nearer to home of the remains of coastal defenses in Suffolk where I liveand some images of Orford Ness which has been used to test ballistics of various kinds since the First World War.